THE YO-KAI WATCH is a device that lets the person wearing it communicate with the Yo-Kai. In the anime, Nate Adams wields the Yo-Kai Watch. In the game series, the player wields it. There have been many different models of the Yo-Kai Watch made. There were real-life toy counterparts that were released to kids in stores. They are compatible with real-life yo-kai medals, also store-bought.

Yo-Kai Watch Models Edit

Image Watch Name Description Japanese Release Date English Release Date Anime Debut
Yo-Kai Watch Episode 1
Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero
Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero October 1st, 2016 Episode 27
Yo-Kai Watch U Episode 77
Yo-Kai Watch Dream Episode 130
Dark Yo-Kai Watch Episode 156