WHISPER is an important yo-kai of the series. In the first game, he becomes the player's butler and gives them the Yo-Kai Watch. In the anime, Nate sets him free and Whisper gives him the yo-kai watch.

Although he has no tribe, in Yo-Kai Watch 3 and Yo-Kai Watch Busters, he is a yo-kai of the Slippery Tribe who is ranked C, and is Drain-attributed.

Biology and Trivia Edit

  • Whisper, despite being in the anime for almost all episodes, has never given Nate his Yo-kai Medal.
    • Whisper can be befriended to the player's party in Yo-kai Watch 3 through a side-quest.
    • Nate can switch the yo-kai watch by placing it in Whisper's mouth.
    • Whisper can tear off body parts at will.
    • He can go through objects like a normal ghost.

Whisper is a white ghost-like creature with a wisp on his head and a wispy tail that constantly billows. He has blue lips and a black mark between his eyes.

Personality Edit

Despite talking in a polite and well-mannered demeanor, he has a slightly uptight personality and a short temper, leading him to come off sounding a tad arrogant. As the Yo-kai Whisper, he prides himself in knowing all there is to know about Yo-kai, yet often finds himself hastily checking through the Yo-Kai wiki when confronted by one. But in the manga, he knows everything about Yo-kai. He seems to enjoy lecturing those around him. Whisper's voice ranges from low tones to high tones, sometimes within the same sentence, thus resulting in an odd and comical manner of speaking. In the English dub, Whisper has a more curt personality and has a frequent usage of biting sarcasm, and has a tendency to insult people at the first chance he has.

Inspirit Edit

This power is gone, but he can make people pretend to know things.

People of Importance to Whisper Edit

Nate Adams Edit

The two are best friends, even when they get mad at each other. Whisper gave Nate the Yo-Kai Watch, changing his life forever.

Jibanyan Edit

Whisper and Jibanyan are seen a lot together following Nate to certain places. When Jibanyan asks a question about what Nate is doing, Whisper is always there to answer. They often tease each other a lot, but are still good friends.

Fusion and Evolution Edit

In the anime, Whisper and Jibanyan can fuse to make Buchinyan.

In the anime, Whisper and Shogunyan can fuse to make Bushisper.