TOADAL DUDE is a Classic Yo-Kai of the Tough Tribe who is ranked S and Water-attributed.

He is the representative of Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls.

Biology and Trivia Edit

Toadal Dude is a humanoid Yo-kai with pale beige skin, tidal blue facial markings, and long dark hair tied into a ponytail with a dull red bulb like tip. He wears a eco haori with golden colored golden cotton fluff, a lime green short kimono with the same cotton fluff held by a red-orange obi, eco green pants, baby blue socks, and zori sandals.

Personality Edit

Unlike Arachnus, Toadal Dude is free-spirited and pretty nonchalant. Has a tendency to use a lot of slang and often adds "Geko!" to his sentences.

People of Importance to Toadal Dude Edit

Arachnus Edit

Arachnus and Toadal Dude are enemies and the reason Yo-Kai Watch 2 was separated into two games. In the end of the game, they put aside their differences to help fight the Wicked.

Uber Geeko Edit

According to Uber Geeko's medallium bio, Toadal Dude is his cousin.

Nathaniel Adams Edit

He was summoned as part of Nathaniel's team in Yo-Kai Watch The Movie, meaning Nathaniel helped Toadal Dude somehow.