SNARTLE is a Yo-Kai of the Brave Tribe who is ranked S and Fire-attributed.

Biology and Trivia Edit

  • Snartle gives a Fruit Milk when encountered via Streetpass

Snartle has long light beige spikey hair and brown slender horns. He wears an teardrop shaped Oni mask that functions as his face, with the tip, eyebrows, and lips tidal blue and also the eyes and teeth in shades of yellow, a dirty green robe with brown armor, a dirty green hakama, and zori. Snartle carries two katana swords in both of his hands.

Personality Edit

He wants all kids to behave.

People of Importance to Snartle Edit

Toiletta Edit

In the anime, Snartle wasn't allowed to scare kids and swing knives and got arrested. Toiletta helped him change his image like she changed hers.