SIRO is a Rare Yo-Kai of the Brave Tribe who is ranked A and Lightning-attributed.

Biology and Trivia Edit

Todorokijishi is the first lion Yo-kai who uses the Japanese word for "lion" in its name.

  • It is also the only one based on Blazion to do so.
  • Siro is the only Yo-kai based on Blazion to not contain "lion" in his English name.
  • Todorokijishi's name is spelled somewhat inconsistently in official media, either using all kanji, or the "Todoroki" part of this Yo-kai's name being written in hiragana.

Siro is basically a palette swap from Blazion and Quaken. Siro's color scheme is gray, white, and fainted teal or neon blue. It's mane is mostly white, while accentuating it with some teal color, to make it look like flames. Similar to Blazion, Siro has a small white scar on his forehead, to represent wounds from battles. It has neon blue swirls on its arms, and its skin color is a pale gray. Its eyes share the color scheme with the rest of it: its eyes are gray and neon blue. Siro is wearing a white top and dark gray pants with neon blue hems.

Personality Edit

Similar to Blazion's, as he believes kids can be incredible in the future.

Inspirit Edit

Siro's inspirited targets will bring out their best!