REUKNIGHT is a Yo-Kai of the Brave Tribe who is ranked A and Lightning-attributed.

Biology and Trivia Edit

  • Reuknight's wisps are actually sentient shown by one of his unlockable victory poses.
  • His wisps may also be symbolism for him being made of Helmsman and Armsman. (Two Souls, two wisps)

Reuknight has a pink and purple face, a triangular rosy nose, and two flags on his backside which is predominantly white but has two hollow blue circles and a colored spot near the top. He holds a sword at his hip and always holds a spear in his right hand. His armor his mostly blue and crested with yellow at most edges, wearing shoulder pads obviously on his shoulders with two blue wisps above them along with having a purple tie at his waist to hold his sword. He wears a typical shogun helmet with a yellow crest in the middle with a crack in the center and tips. Also wearing a navy article clothing similar to that of his pants and socks. He also wears yellow sandals.

Personality Edit

Reuknight is kind towards other people who are kind to him. As his bio states, he wants to unify the country.

People of Importance to Reuknight Edit

Nathaniel Adams Edit

He was summoned as part of Nathaniel's team to fight Dame Dedtime in Yo-Kai Watch The Movie. He became Nathaniel's friend after Nathaniel saved him from drowning in a river.

Fusion and Evolution Edit

Reuknight is created when Helmsman is fused with Armsman.