NATE ADAMS is the main character of the Yo-Kai Watch series. He is the one who wields the Yo-Kai Watch, which allows him to see and befriend hidden yo-kai.

Biology and Trivia Edit

  • He is the main human in the series.
  • He always manages to get a yo-kai medal, even offscreen.

Nate is a fair-skinned young boy with big black eyes and dark brown hair worn with three large spikes resembling cowlicks. A small amount of hair sticks down at his neck. He wears his Yo-kai Watch on his left wrist. The clothes he wears changes in different episodes and movies. He has every model of the yo-kai watch ever made.

Personality Edit

Nate is a fun kid but tends to come off as comedic. He enjoys being with his friends and the Yo-kai he befriended, even when they can be troublesome. His personality is very infectious and gains him many friends - however, one noticeable trait is how extremely average he is. This spreads even to his school marks and greatly annoys him, in fact he really is not average. Like most kids, Nathan does basic things- like watching television, messing up his room, staying up late at night to watch television or play games. But, however, he is very righteous and has a strong sense of justice when a real crisis pops up.

People of Importance to Nate Adams Edit

Whisper and Jibanyan Edit

They are his closest yo-kai friends and they accompany him anywhere, whether it be the games, the manga, or the anime.

Bear and Eddie Edit

They are his closest human friends. They always joke around with each other and cause mischief.

Katie Edit

He has a crush on Katie and always tries to impress her, but with no avail.

Inaho Misora Edit

She too wields a yo-kai watch. The two are sometimes good friends. Nate sees her as an idiot a lot.