MOCHISMO is a Yo-Kai of the Brave Tribe who is ranked D and Earth-attributed.

Biology and Trivia Edit

Mochismo appears as a kakumochi (square rice cake) with thin arms and stubby feet, a strip of nori resembling pants wrapped around his waist. Normally he has a nearly featureless face with thin eyes and mouth and a burn mark that resembles a blush, but when angry a scowling face with flushed cheeks pops out and his arms get bulkier and stronger.

Personality Edit

Strong but sensitive. He hates it when people throw away rice cakes.

Inspirit Edit

Mochismo's inspirited targets will gain super strength, as seen when he made Nate's mom lift a couch like it was nothing. In the manga, he throws rice cakes under people's feet, making it hard to walk.

Fusion and Evolution Edit

Dulluma evolves into Darumacho when he's fused with this yo-kai.