LIE-IN HEART is Yo-Kai of the Brave Tribe who is ranked A and Ice-attributed.

Biology and Trivia Edit

Lie-in Heart is a white lion with yellow eyebrows and inner-ears. His nose and eyes are orange. He has a milk-blue mane with ice blue tips. His many tail flames (like Jibanyan's) and chest fur match. He wears a yellow vest with burnt-orange sash around the middle, a pair of dark teal pants and wristbands, and dark yellow toed-sandals. He carries a long nihonto-like sword with a maroon sword sheath on the left of his waist.

Personality Edit

He is a very patient soul.

Inspirit Edit

Lie-In Heart's inspirited targets will always wait for the "perfect moment" to do anything. They procrastinate until there is no time left. He usually inspirits people when they have to do homework.

Fusion and Evolution Edit

He can evolve from Lie-In, but the required level changes throughout the games.

See Lie-In page for level info.