JIBANYAN is a Yo-Kai of the Charming Tribe who is ranked D and Fire-attributed in the Yo-Kai Watch video game series.

Biology and Trivia Edit

  • He is the main mascot of the Yo-Kai Watch franchise.
  • He and Komasan both have various versions of themselves.
  • He can carry 15 chocolate bars in his haramaki.

Jibanyan is a red cat yo-kai with a white muzzle and white chest. He wears a yellow haramaki and a blue collar. His inner ears are pink, with a chip in left ear. He has two red tails with blue flames on each end.

Personality Edit

Jibanyan is very lazy and dosen't really like to do much. He's almost always ready to help and always ready to fight a car, although he always loses.

Inspirit Edit

His inspirited targets walk into traffic.This rarely pops up in the anime.

People of Importance to Jibanyan Edit

Nate and Whisper Edit

Ever since they encouraged his dream to fight cars, they became his friends and he moved in with them.

Amy Edit

Amy was Jibanyan's owner when he was alive.

Next Harmeowny Edit

They are a girl band that Jibanyan adores. He is their biggest fan.

Tomnyan Edit

They are frenemies at best. They are similar, as having an idol band and a favorite treat, which got on their nerves. But they became friends after they found out they had similar backstories.

Fusion and Evolution Edit

Jibanyan can be fused with Roughraff to create Baddinyan.

Jibanyan can be fused with Coughkoff to create Thornyan.

In the anime, Jibanyan and Komasan can fuse to create Jibakoma.

In the anime, Jibanyan and Whisper can fuse to create Buchinyan.