BLAZION is a Yo-Kai of the Brave Tribe who is ranked C and Fire-attributed.

Biology and Trivia Edit

He is voiced by Brent Pendergrass.

  • According to him, both Blazion and Noway were the first two characters he auditioned.
  • It was revealed in that Blazion can talk normally while he was in his flameless form. Although this is true, he can speak a few words with his manes. So far, the only quotes he said were "No way!", "Sorry sorry I'm so sorry!", and "Big Bro!"
Blazion is a fiery lion yo-kai with a white scar on his forehead. His mane and eyebrows are burning flame and his fur is orange. He has large hands and forearms with red spirals on them. He wears a grey-black martial artist robe. He is short (about half as tall as Nate) but his mane is about half his height.

Personality Edit

Blazion is very bold and motivated in the anime. He firmly believes that hard work is something to be proud of, and it makes people feel better. He is very active as well.

Inspirit Edit

Blazion's inspirited targets will become super motivated and active.

People of Importance to Blazion Edit

Nate Edit

When Nate needs to summon a Brave Yo-Kai, Blazion is his first choice.

USApyon Edit

He helped USApyon build his rocket.

Swelterrier, Sproink, Swelton Edit

He always hangs out with them.

Roughraff Edit

Roughraff bumped into him and they fought. After that, they became friends.

Lie-In Heart Edit

When Blazion first met Lie-in Heart, he seemed to be annoyed by his laziness. After Lie-in Heart convinced Blazion that Bear needed more time and that making him do it now would make him worse, Blazion seemed touched by it and seemed to agree with Lie-in Heart's logic.

Fusion and Evolution Edit

In Yo-Kai Watch 2, Herbiboy can evolve into Carniboy when fused with this yo-kai.

In Yo-Kai Watch 3, Blazion evolves into Peraperaion when fused with Merican Flour.